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Life with Moo plus Two

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I thought that for this post I'd give you a sneak peak into the life of a Moo Farmer.

My eldest daughter is Emma she is now 5. The years have flashed by.

My youngest daughter is Laura who is now coming up to her first birthday. It is true what they say about your second, you don't feel like you have had a chance to do all the things you did with your first!

I am so so lucky both my girls were/are very content babies once we had found out they were dairy intolerant.

I spend most of the 'free' time being mums taxi, home to nursery to school to moo back home to nursery an hour later to school then Monday, Wednesday, Thursday rush onto after school activities Friday morning off to Moo with another farmer as a mummy and daughter not a farmer! Then ballet on a Saturday morning! All whilst cramming as much time in to plan, organise, advertise and administer my Moo!

My hubby is my soulmate we have been together since we were 17 and married 9 years! Our wedding was in Las Vegas, now that's a story for another time maybe! I couldn't do everything I do without his support, he also works 50 plus hours a week as a delivery driver and then self employed as a photographer (in his 'free time').

Not only do I have a business to run and I'm a mum of two wife of one, our house is a do up project! With work starting on the extension shortly, then the interior as well being ripped out and changed too. It is going to be a crazy few months ahead.

My office is the dining room table, which is about to go into storage - where my office will be then I have no idea!  Here is a picture of my office in a good day. Yes I do have to tidy away every meal. (Apart from my lunch-the half bag of crisps).

I hear you ask do you have a computer desk you could use? Yes we do but it is hubbys work space.

Then you have all my lovely wonderful props.

Ikea to the rescue- this unit is full height and I have another just like it in another corner of the dining room! The picture above still doesn't do it justice as my mats and my trolley are in the car (due to eldest having a play date and having five children in the house yesterday!)

The dining room is also the dressing up room and the drying clothes space in the winter, it can and does get a little bit cramped some days, but it is manageable moving items from one room to another or upstairs when visitors are coming. I can't wait for the day the extension and the interior work is finished I might just get some space to breathe!

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