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Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham &

Needham Market

Moo Doo Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions relating to Moo Doos Only and should be read in conjunction with our general terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

Deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking.

Balance must be paid 7 days before the party.

Parties must initially be booked with at least 7 days notice. Parties booked 7 days or less in advance must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Date and time subject to availability and up to our own discretion.

For Henry Horse's Hoedown or Doris Ducks Disco or Maggie Moo Appearances or a bespoke package which only includes Musical Fun, the deposit will be 10% with the minimum being £10, for Barry Baas Bash or Maggie’s Messy Madness or Holly’s Hullabullo and bespoke packages whereby messy or craft activities are included a 50% deposit is needed due to their nature and allows for time and monies spent organising activities or party bags.

If in the unfortunate circumstances you should cancel the party, the deposit is not refundable.

If the Moo Music leader is unable to entertain at the party as pre-arranged at least 7 days prior to the party, your monies paid will be refunded, however every effort will be made to provide a replacement Moo Music Leader.  If the Moo Music Leader is unable to entertain at the party within 7 days of the party, for reasons other than those covered elsewhere in this document, you will receive a full refund plus a voucher for 6 free Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market sessions.  Although every effort would be made to provide a replacement Moo Music Leader, there are occasions where this will not be possible.

If the venue you have booked cancels the booking Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market will not be held responsible and therefore it will be seen as you cancelling the party.

If you wish to rearrange the date to one mutually agreeable then your deposit will not be lost. In all other cases the deposit will be lost.

In the event of non payment by the above terms, the party entertainment may be withdrawn at short notice.

A small Moo Music gift has the face value of £10.

Henry Horses Hoedown means that Moo Music will only be played during the entertainment and either side at the discretion of the Leader. Doris Ducks Disco or Barry Baas Bash means Moo Music will be played for up to roughly 2hrs (45mins for the session, 30mins for the games and the duration of the break for food.)

Maggie’s Messy Madness & Holly’s Hullabullo ( also referred to as Messy Moo Doos and Craft Parties)

You will required to inform Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market of all allergies and intolerances at least 14 days in advance of the party, to ensure that everyone can safely play. As part routine, items containing nuts are automatically excluded from all messy play activities however items may contain traces. You are responsible for ensuring that this information is accurate and therefore Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market will not be liable for any reactions or illnesses from items provided to your list.

As is the nature of messy play and crafts it is highly likely your child and those partaking in the party will get messy and therefore it’s your responsibility to inform all involved parties, to ensure they do wear clothes which can become messy, and in the worst case stained. Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market is not liable for any damages or staining to clothes. Please ensure all children who come to a Maggie’s Messy Madness party with spare clean clothes, a towel and a flannels and those attending a Hullabullo bring a towel to dry up with at the end especially younger guests.

Maggie Moo Appearances

These can be booked separately and independently of or in-conjunction with other party packages. Maggie Moo will only be able to appear for a maximum of 20 minutes. As the costume will on the larger size a suitable changing space will be required. Maggie Moo requires a guide at all times due to the nature of the costume, we will provide a guide unless otherwise agreed, whereby a customer must provide a suitable guide (someone over 18 not under any influences).  Customers must ensure no malicious damage is caused to Maggie, otherwise further charges may be required. 

Adverse weather

If adverse weather causes you to cancel the party the above clauses apply, in the unlikely event that the party still goes ahead but the Moo Music Leader is unable to travel to the party, you will receive a fifty percent refund for Henry Horses Hoedown and Doris Ducks Disco. Due to the nature of Messy Moo Doos and Craft Parties, there will be no refund however you will be provided with a voucher for another Messy Moo Doo or Craft Party held at a mutually agreeable date. The date must be agreed within 14 days of this being offered.

Exclusion of liability

In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by your class leader, Moo Music UK Ltd, it’s franchisees or employees; the participation of you, your spouse/partner, your child, those caring for your child or party guests, singing and movement as well as messy play and crafts are done so entirely at your own risk.


Behaviour problems Policy

You as the hostess/host or the child’s parent, are responsible for any behaviour problems or issues during the Party. If any issues do arise then it is the parent or guardians sole responsibility to issue any discipline and deal with any disruptive behaviour.


Accident or Damage Policy

Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market are not liable for any damages or injuries that may occur at any particular party or event.


Car Parking

Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market will require somewhere nearby to load and unload the car. Ideally directly outside or near the venue.

Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market reverses the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.

updated 19/05/2021

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