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Yoga Moo

Our baby yoga, toddler yoga, and preschooler yoga classes are fab- moo -lous (see what we did there!) additions to your weekly routine.

Our baby yoga classes (called Baby Moo Yoga) encourage your baby’s physical and mental development and is a very social class where your baby can experience fun movements in a stimulating sensory environment. Yoga can help your baby to relax for improved naps and sleep, ease digestive issues and experience new sensations. These sessions are designed for babies aged 16 weeks or over until cruising. Our baby yoga uses gentle stretches and yoga-inspired movements for a parent to do with their baby. Our baby yoga class delivers holistic support to set the foundation of baby's development.   Research shows that loving, nurturing contact between caregiver and infant has a positive impact on their development. With Baby Moo Yoga, you as the parent may take part in one of two lifting movements aimed at developing baby's vestibular system however the majority of the class is baby-focused movements. Each week we have a different sensory activity for little one to enjoy if they wish too.

Our toddler and preschooler yoga classes(called Maxi Moo Yoga) are designed to be more active, teaching them stretches and gentle fun movements of yoga. They help them build their balance, improve coordination and with breathe work we develop their ability to consciously relax. These sessions are for those over 18 months until they start school. Each half term we focus on a different topic and each week the sensory activity changes but stays within theme.

Our classes focus on yoga movements for strengthening and development. There is a balance of stretching and relaxing sequences. Songs and rhymes are coordinated with some movements. Each class finishes with a joint relaxation for parent and little one-pure bliss!

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