Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham & Needham Market 

COVID Policy - (as of 01/06/2021)


COVID Procedure 2021 06 01
🐮 The number of spaces in each class will be reduced.
🐮 We will not be able to offer transfers from one class to another if you have block-booked, if booking pay as you go tickets transfers are only available until 12 hours before your original class and only where space is available.

🐮 You will be socially distanced from other adults attending the class. Toddlers struggle to maintain a distance but efforts should be made to encourage distancing.
🐮 There will be greater time between classes to allow for additional key touchpoint cleaning. Less chance of your crossing paths with the next class.
🐮 We will kindly ask that it’s one adult per paying child maximum to ensure numbers.
🐮 Every paying child who attends will have their own prop bag which they will use and then return into the bag, and at the end of classes, it’ll be placed in a box for cleaning!
🐮 Adults will be required to wear a mask when not sat on their mats.
🐮 As we are now heading into winter please remove shoes from the green mats.
🐮 Hand sanitiser available upon entry to the room.
🐮 You will be all facing the centre.
🐮 Please wear Socks and remove shoes when sitting on the mats.
🐮 If you drive, and due to Covid, if you can avoid bringing pram/buggy into the venue that would be great 👍🏻 but I know not always possible, you may have to leave your pushchair outside, due to limited space inside.
🐮 Those attending with a baby please ensure you bring your own blanket for the baby to lay on.
🐮 Currently, guidelines mean that no singing is allowed! (Though this may be a blessing as you won’t have to hear me singing!)
🐮 We will be offering pay as you book one week at a time and you are also able to block book each month. Pay as you go tickets will be released at 7 pm 7 days before the class.
🐮 Please don’t arrive too early to each class and queue outside of the community centre 2 meters apart until your class leader lets you in.
🐮 Please do not gather before or after class.
🐮 Anyone who has symptoms must not attend the classes and must inform me to ensure we can comply with track and trace.
🐮 Your details will be passed as necessary onto track and trace if we are contacted.
🐮 If you or your little one appears to have symptoms within the class we reserve the right to ask you to leave.
🐮 For more information please contact us for our COVID in-depth policy and risk assessment.