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What makes Moo tick!

I thought I would let you know what makes Moo tick as a start to this blog!

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I'd be doing

today, I think my response would be as far away from the reality as possible. You see back then I never clicked with children, never knew what to say or how to act, it was like a total blank every time. For example I remember on one occasion a friend passed me their baby and a bottle and I held the child in my hands (not arms) and therefore was puzzled how I was meant to feed the baby at the same time.

Fast forward to having my first daughter, it was a steep learning curve and luckily it all clicked into place although I still wanted to carry on my career, although I had no choice my wages were needed.

Then in 2015 I saw an advert several times for this franchise and I loved the look and feel of it. I was really drawn to it. I went and visited a fellow farmer and loved the set up and relaxed nature of the sessions, seeing one in action made me realise I could be a session leader and my daughter loved the music.

So my journey began. I've since been blessed with another daughter, this delayed the best laid plans but it has meant that I don't have to return to my 'day job' and I have learnt so much about who I am and how Moo helps every child develop.

So what makes me tick, seeing the smiles on children's faces plus watching them develop each week whilst having fun. I am so very glad I found Moo and that I am luckily enough to do Moo full-time, well around my two daughters!

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