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Top tips for having a spring clear out

April signifies the start of spring although this year ours appears delayed somewhat!

In springtime lots of things happen, you feel brighter and the sun slowly peaks out from behind those rain(or snow) clouds, lambs are born, flowers appear and trees begin to not look like they are dead! However you can also get this nagging feeling that you need to sort lots out whether it be painting that pesky fence or even having a spring clean in the house, you are bound to start somewhere and if you have children chances are you'll end up looking at those toys spread across your lounge, kitchen, bedrooms and hallways thinking it's time to tackle the beast. Therefore I've put together my top tips for having a clear out and maybe thinning those toys out so you can see the floor once again!

1. Get the children involved.

This starts out well but will probably mean you have toys everywhere and none to get rid of, as those never played with toys become new treasures!

2. Wait until

Wait until they are asleep or out of the house and do it again! Trust me you'll always find more that they just don't play with anymore.

3. Sell sell sell.

Might as well make something from their old toys ready for the next influx! You could also encourage your slightly older ones with the incentive of getting a share of the money for some new toys, especially if they are 'saving up' for one they want!

4. Consider rotating toys.

One or two boxes in the loft to be brought out again in September when the sun is waning! Be like Christmas without the expense, or build up!

5. Acknowledge you won't find all bits and give up looking.

There are and will always be toys you are missing parts too, acknowledge that after looking through all the boxes and places where toys have been with no luck you are unlikely to find them and move on, putting that toy to be throw away or charity whether a play group or otherwise.

6. If they are older put toys in their bedrooms.

we've recently found out if we say this she opts for them to be sold or donated instead!

7. Ensure you aren't too ruthless

Otherwise they might spot that this or that toys has gone from the shelf.

8. Have a I'm not sure about place. We have a shelf which is hidden from view so items I'm not sure about sit there until someone asks for it or I've guessed right and it's long been forgotten!

9. Know when to stop.

My eldest has a memory like an elephant this makes it trickier for removal of toys and random drawings. So I've learnt when to stop so I'm not spotted in my cheeky clear out. Normally I just go until they all fit back in their respective places and revisit it sooner and more regularly than just every April.

10. If you have younger siblings or cousins. Ask if you can give away some toys to them, maybe hinting that your child has outgrown said toy. A bit like the story some tell about the fairies or Father Christmas taking dummies or bottles away with them

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