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February Half Term Crafts

February half term this year has a lot of possible themes for craft ideas. There is the obvious Valentine’s Day, then this year pancake day is the day before and Chinese New Year just after.

For Valentine’s Day you could make valentine cards or valentine poster.

A simple idea is to get paint and let your little ones paint. However you could try doing some hand print bees, and bee mine cards are cute or maybe try thumb print hearts.

To make Bee Mine Cards paint their hand in yellow including their thumb, add black stripes to their palms and paint their fingers blue/white or a light colour to represent the bees wings. Print onto card/paper, maybe add an eye or two for detail and away you go!

Chinese New Year get some black paper and give them some yellow and bright red paint fingers, paint brushes or some kitchen roll insides with some feet cut to make firework patterns.

To make a firework pattern printer. Take the inside tube of a kitchen roll or toilet roll, make cuts into the roll from one edge at different intervals now fold back the cuts outwards. It’s that simple, try making more than one and having different size cuts on different rolls!

Pancake day you could let them help make the mixture but why not give them a pancake or two to decorate with different fruits and I bet a lot of that fruit would be eaten too!!

I’d love pictures, or either your creations or theirs!!


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