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To gloop or not to gloop

Gloop is my favourite messy play activity. It's so so easy, fascinating  and very adaptable!

Gloop can be chocolate, coffee, any colour you can buy/mix food colouring, thicker or thinner, small amounts or large amounts or just plain how it comes, all are just as fun as the next.

What is this special thing called gloop? To be fair I hadn't heard about it until my eldest was around 8 months and then suddenly it was everywhere. It is very simply cornflour and lukewarm water mixed in a bowl and poured out into whatever container you would like to use!

With gloop you don't even have to provide tools, as it'll appear to be like water when you look at it, to the touch itll feel solid especially if you pressed down hard but the best bit of you pick it up it is slimey water texture which you can't grip it'll run through your fingers.

Of course if you little moover is not yet sitting maybe use a clean shallow oven tray, if they are sitting you can be more adventurous maybe use a plastic mixing bowl but whatever you do make sure you have something on the floor especially on carpeted floors!

Gloop is taste safe and fairly easy to clean up, wipe the worst up and if you are able to just wait until it's dry. Gloop drys up to a solid ish form but it is easily transformed back to a liquid by adding more water!

Here are a few pictures of my gloop stations! 

Child awaiting the arrival of Pink Gloop

Children sitting in Spaghetti and Coffee Gloop

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