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Maggie and I have now been a team for two years! What a roller-coaster those two years have been! Running your own business is never an easy challenge to take on and shouldn't be underestimated at all. However even with all the hard work, overall I have loved it! Yes there have been moments and I'm sure there will be many more, where  doubt myself and my Moo journey, that's life though. Seeing all the children and babies growing up and responding to Maggie and I, is moo-velous. This second year has been easier and seemingly less stressful.

I started this second year with a little bub of a baby, in a wrap doing the one session a week with me asleep every time (and a different Maggie), to now running seven sessions a week. I only have all my past and present (and future) customers to thank, so thank you everyone! Your support and custom has and is very gratefully received. Now to celebrate our Moo-iversary, we have a Facebook Competition to win a free Moo Doo, to enter take a peek before the time is up. (

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