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Birthday Presents - What to Ask For?

Birthday presents for us always involves explaining what my girls can/can't have for one reason or another! Mainly due to them being dairy intolerant plus my eldest's birthday is at the end of January so the Christmas normally dwarfs her Birthday. With family we ask for contributions towards the summer toys and save the money the girls bank accounts until the inevitable summer boredom sets in or ask for money that goes towards the girls hobbies throughout the year over and above what we could afford to support. So what do you get a child for their birthday. Below are five top tips.

1.Suggest a collection towards something/s the child would like.

This one has become my favourite since my eldest started school and i have mentioned it before. It can become stressful for everyone when there are a lot of parties close together. Plus, you will always get that one or two presents that might not be the greatest thing to get, like small beads when they have a younger sibling and so means a battle ground to keep the youngest entertained long enough for you to split yourself into two to support the eldest to do make whatever it is they want from the beads.

2. Ask for a birthday present list

This may seem out fashioned or presumptuous but hopefully you are given a range of budgets so you can chose and the child will get what they would like. After all the parents probably get Christmas Lists!!

3. Research

Look at the toys they already have at home, you see them with or the hobbies they follow. By looking at the toys you can at least be informed on their likes, currently trend that they are into.  Its a starting point.

Research on the web by looking at what big toy stores recommend for their age. Gives you a narrower range. Plus this gives you an idea of the prices/amount you get for your money.

4. Vouchers

For those older children, they interests might be more electronic than actual toys why not give them a voucher towards in app purchases or a game they really would like. The older they are the more they understand vouchers, but my eldest even understands an Argos voucher means she can choose and 'spend' money on things in the Argos catalog, and she appreciates it just the same.

5. Clothes

This one depends on the age of the child, it is actually better and easier the younger they are, You just need their size clothes, then consider the weather when you would like the item worn and you are onto a winner. Try not to buy the next size clothes in the wrong season, a wolly jumper is no good in summer and try to avoid items that are only worn once, Babies 1st Christmas as a Christmas present! Most supermarkets stock quality clothing for the smaller budgets up to the designer wear for the bigger budgets, you may even be able to hit the shops in the sale time and grab a bargain or two.

If all else fails money will do just fine, however you may find that's what you get in return!


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