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Being Silly

Something I've learnt since becoming a mum 4 years ago is that kids love silly adults! It can be serious adults who are just silly for a few minutes or it can be adults who just are silly!

Whether being silly is in your nature or not children love it when adults do the unexpected!  Try it and see!

1. Turn on your favourite song and dance and sing round the room! Or if your children are a little older ask them their favourite song and join in! Microphone and all!! We normally end up with the song called let it go from Disneys Frozen or Keepy up balloon from Moo Music(her choice not mine I might add!)

2. Dress up using their clothes/coat/hat/gloves/scarf!! It'll be a complete nightmare and obviously you won't fit but just play along like they are your clothes for as long as possible!!

3. Enjoy yourself and follow their lead! Let them choose what you do maybe pretend to act like a 4 year old for example!!!

4. Repeat everything they say! Just be careful there is a fine line, make sure you are 'tuned in' to your child's angry voice or body language!!

5. Paint with your fingers!! Do some painting, but this time use your fingers or do your handprints! Easy to clean mess and most likely unexpected by your little one(s)!

What memories do you hold of your childhood, probably ones of something silly happening or someone saying something silly! Happy children and happy memories!

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