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Messy Moo Disclaimer

Please Read 

You will be required to sign to say you have read and understand this at the beginning of the session.

Children naturally explore materials by putting them in their mouths. In order to give your child safe materials to explore, some of our stations contain edible substances which should be safe for the majority of children to use for art activities, however allergies need consideration.
The use of any of the materials provided is at the parent or carer’s discretion. A list of materials used is provided at each station. If you are worried about allergies we suggest that you consult your child’s health visitor or GP before attending classes.
Sessions will be sensory experiences, very messy and may be slippery! Please remember that it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to supervise their child closely at all times.
Please note that some items may stain clothing and are not appropriate to be thrown or eaten.
Moo Music will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused during the session.

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