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Antenatal & Fourth Trimester Classes

Our antenatal and fourth-trimester classes include Fourth Trimester Support, Womb to World Classes, Newborn Nurture Classes.

Fourth Trimester Support Classes

The first 6 weeks to 3 months can be an emotional and overwhelming time for many mums whether you’ve just birthed your first baby or your fifth. Long ago family, friends, and neighbors surrounded and nurtured during this time, but for most of us, this is not our reality. I long to bring this kind of connection back to our community. 

The fourth-trimester course is designed to give you information to help you both manage. You will possibly feel as though you are on a continuous ‘night flight’ for the first few weeks so tt is important to be kind to yourself and try to take your days one day at a time.

Ideally, you should attend during the third trimester of your pregnancy. The information you will gather will be more relevant the closer you are to your due dates. However, you may find that you want to be able to be more in control, so basically anytime after halfway is good – you know you, best – your wellbeing and mental health are so important – anxiety and worrying about change is not good for you, your bump or your partner.


What you will learn about;

Week One- What is the fourth trimester?- the importance of the 'village' and how other cultures manage this time.

Week Two- How can I care for my physical health through nutrition? With tasting recipes included.

Week Three- How can I care for my physical health through exercise? Learn some simple calming stretches.

Week Four- How can I care for my emotional wellbeing? How self-care can be small things and receive a bottle of Neals Yard Mothers Bath Oil for those relaxing baths (Worth £15.50) to help with those times. 

You will also receive 10% off Neals Yard Products ordered through your course, as well as some lovely samples for you and your little one (when they arrive).  As well as an e workbook for those moments you can't remember something from class.

Womb to World Classes, Newborn Nurture to be launched soon.

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