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Mooborn Nurtured

Supporting you both with guided mediation, reiki and time to build your village

Mooborn Nurtured

The first weeks to 3 months can be an emotional and overwhelming time for many mums whether you’ve just birthed your first baby or your fifth. Long ago family, friends, and neighbors surrounded and nurtured during this time, but for most of us, this is not our reality. I long to bring this kind of connection back to our community.


This class is for the smallest moovers, those up to 12 weeks old. You will learn some Baby Reiki which provides you with a way to connect to your baby from birth, whilst also taking a moment out for yourself and building that all-important network of support at the earliest opportunity. Through the power of touch, visualisation, and meditation we can provide a safe, nurturing space for both you and your baby.  As well as time to chat and meet new other new parents.

Included in the course are some Neals Yard samples, and e-manuals with the routines. You can also purchase a bottle of Neals Yard Mothers Bath Oil (Worth £15.50). 

You will also receive 10% off Neals Yard Products ordered through your course, as well as some lovely samples for you and your little one (when they arrive).  

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